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Home Equity Mart.com is your secure source for financing home construction, education, home purchasing, and refinancing credit card debt. Get approved while the interest rates are low.

Our Home Equity Mart mission: "Our Goal is to provide elite home equity loan products for consumers looking for the best possible interest rate for home equity loans and 2nd mortgages." Enjoy the online incentives, with Free Loan Quotes online and there are no hidden fees or obligations.

House Loans & Down Payment Assistance:
Learn more about what is needed for a Home Loan with No Down Payment.

Finance the Equity in your home$$

125% LTV fixed-rate Home Equity loans
125 loans used to be available to borrowers if they had decent credit scores.

Home Equity Loans for people with bad credit
Homeowners often get 2nd chances with subprime loan companies.

Home Equity Loans for Debt Consolidation
Most financial advisors agree that consolidating bills into a fixed rate tax deductible loan is a good move.

Home Equity line of credit
Borrowers love the flexibility that credit lines afford homeowners.

Stated Income Home Equity Lines for self-employed
No income Verification required! If you own your own business this 2nd is for you!

100% Home Equity financing
You used to be able to close purchase money and equity loans simultaneously for zero down financing.


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