Home Equity and Below Average Credit

Are you tired of being turned down for loans because of low credit scores? Are home equity brokers labeling you as a borrower who needs a “Bad Credit Loan”? HEM will help you find companies that offer home equity loans and HELOCs for bad credit ratings.

Less than perfect credit is more common than you think. We believe that your credit history should not keep you from financing if you have equity in your home. We have partnered with equity lenders that specialize in bad credit home equity loan programs with options for a variety of financing. Regardless of credit score, we are determined to help you secure another mortgage that will improve your financial situation. Ask the participating mortgage companies about the new equity loan programs for people with low credit scores.

Home Equity Mart serves as your premier online destination for securing home equity lending. Our primary focus revolves around connecting you with leading mortgage lenders and home equity brokers catering to your local region. Home equity lending spans various purposes, including home construction, education, house purchases, and refinancing credit card debt.

Did you know that some finance companies now offer home equity lines for individuals with a less-than-ideal credit history? Secure approval while interest rates are at a low point.

Cash Back Loans Are Accessible for Individuals with Low Credit Scores
Our process is straightforward: Fill out a simple online request form, and within minutes, we will connect you with 2-4 top finance sources providing low credit equity loans.

High LTV Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loans
While this program used to offer loans up to 125%, it is currently on hold. However, if you have decent credit scores, cash-out options may be available with certain refinancing plans. In most cases, this program is no longer accessible.

Equity Loans for Adverse Credit
Are you weary of grappling with low FICO scores? Rebuild your credit ratings today, even if you have a challenging credit history with bankruptcies and late payments. Loans have been designed to assist you in paying off overdue debts and bills with a low-rate home equity loan.

Home Equity Loans for Debt Consolidation
Did you know that you might qualify to refinance the interest on your credit cards and consolidate your bills into a tax-deductible fixed-rate loan?

Home Equity Credit Lines
Could a bad credit equity line of credit aid you in settling medical bills or collections?

Home Equity Lines for Self-Employed Individuals
If you own your own business, this second option is tailored for you! Loans requiring less documentation typically necessitate high credit scores.

100% Home Equity Loan Financing
In the past, people used to close both a first and second mortgage concurrently when buying a house to avoid mortgage insurance.