Home Equity Loans for People with Less than Perfect Credit

Home Equity Mart specializes in providing quotes for home equity loans, catering to individuals with less-than-perfect credit histories and low FICO scores. Our mission is to assist clients in securing the best home equity loans online, even if they have unfavorable credit. We offer a range of loan programs, including fixed-rate home equity loans, variable-rate home equity credit, and interest-only second mortgages.

Find Home Equity Loans with Low Credit Scores

Our commitment is to connect you with top-notch home equity lenders who can meet your expectations for secondary home financing. Committed to ensuring a stress-free loan process, our mortgage company aims to be your go-to choice for future loans.

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What is the Lowest Credit Score allowed for an Equity Loan?

To get approved for a home equity financing, a credit score of 620 is typically recommended. Nevertheless, certain lenders may extend second mortgages to individuals with scores as low as 500. Your eligibility for a particular loan type is also influenced by personal factors such as your debt-to-income ratio (DTI), loan-to-value ratio (LTV), and income.

If you do not qualify for an equity loan from a traditional lender, consider a non-qualified mortgage, commonly known as non-QM loan. These private lenders typically assesses your repayment capacity through alternative means instead of relying solely on your credit score. This type of bad credit equity loan might even consider recent credit challenges like bankruptcy or foreclosure. However, a non-QM refinance loan could carry features that may be considered riskier, such as allowing interest-only payments or extending repayment terms beyond the standard 30 years.

Home Equity Mart stands out as the premier online hub for acquiring home equity loans. Our primary focus is on home equity lending, connecting you with leading mortgage lenders and home equity brokers catering to your local region. Home equity lending addresses diverse needs such as home construction, education, home purchases, and refinancing credit card debt. Secure approval while interest rates are favorable.

Our process is straightforward: Fill out a brief online request form, and within minutes, we’ll connect you with 2 to 3 leading Home Equity Lenders. Apply now for a free, no-obligation equity loan quote, and let us help you achieve your financial goals today!