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If you are ready to explore home loans from experienced purchase money mortgage lenders then you came to the right website. Purchasing a home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, whether it is your first or fifth home! However, without the right assistance, it can be a daunting and frightening endeavor. It’s important to find the right home purchase loan at an affordable interest rate without having to pay excessive closing costs. Partnering with the home financing team at Home Equity Mart could make your home buying experience less stressful.

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With 100% financing available for most consumers, there could not be a better time to make that new home purchase. With interest rates still at historic lows, we recommend that you find a solid lender lock in a great Home Purchase Quote today! We can help you make that happen with a low-interest home loan today.

At HEM, our number one priority is to help our clients find the ideal Home Purchase Quote for their individual needs. We are dedicated to making sure that your lending experience is easy and enjoyable. Let us help you realize your financial dreams today!

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What is a Purchase Money Mortgage?

A purchase-money loan refers to a mortgage provided to the buyer by the seller of a home during the purchase transaction. Commonly known as seller or owner financing, this arrangement is typically employed when the buyer faces challenges in qualifying for a mortgage through conventional lending channels.

What is the Easiest Home Loan to Get Approved for Buying a House?

Individuals aiming to purchase a home with a less-than-ideal credit score may find an FHA loan, supported by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), to be a suitable option. Among government-backed loans, FHA loans are widely accessible. It’s important to clarify that while FHA mortgages are government-backed, they do not originate directly from the government, dispelling a common misconception.