Pool Construction Financing

At HomeEquityMart.com, we know how important pool construction and home remodeling can be for increasing the value of your house.

Home equity interest rates were recently at historic low levels, but even though the Fed has been raising the interest, it is still a great time to finance a new swimming pool and jacuzzi spa for your family. HEM is a trusted lending service that partners consumers with proven mortgage lenders that offer the best 2nd mortgages, and home improvement financing.

Get Help with Financing for Pool Construction

pool construction loanFinance a new pool with payments you can afford!

Let us help you get the right home equity solution, with the best interest rates available.

Home improvement projects add value to your home, both monetarily and aesthetically.

Setup a home equity line account so you can remodel the kitchen or landscape the yard, all with the equity already in your home!

Give back to your family and install a cost effective new swimming pool that will provides many good times for the years ahead.

What credit score do you need to finance a swimming pool and spa?

The credit criteria for pool financing differ based on the lender and the loan type. Minimum credit scores may fall within the range of 600 to 680. However, if you’re considering financing a pool through a home equity line of credit or a home equity loan, a credit score of 720 or above may be necessary.

HEM can introduce you to lenders that focus solely on swimming pool and home improvement and swimming pool construction financing, enabling us to deliver customized and straightforward solutions designed to meet your unique requirements. By staying responsive to our clients’ economic circumstances, we offer highly competitive and adaptable swimming pool loan options. This translates into significant advantages in terms of fees, terms, pre-payment penalties, and loan eligibility, ensuring you receive the best possible home improvement financing experience.

By opting for financing, you gain access to the resources needed to invest in a high-quality pool that will provide enjoyment for you and your family over the long term. Your budget will likely dictate the type of pool you select, and financing can assist you in achieving your desired pool specifications. With adequate funds, you can incorporate dream features such as a spa, a safety cover, and more.

Why Constructing a New Pool Is so Important in 2024

Adding an inground swimming pool to your home offers numerous benefits. Inground pools are adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into your landscape. When constructed with top-notch materials and contemporary design, they effortlessly enhance the style and architecture of your property.

With customizable design, size, and shape options, inground pools can be tailored to match your aesthetic preferences, allowing you to create a backyard sanctuary where you can unwind on hot summer days. Given that you only build your dream backyard oasis once, many homeowners opt for financing to ensure they can incorporate all the features they desire into their investment.

Let Home Equity Mart help you find a payment plan that work with your budget. You can get approved for a home improvement loan using your home equity as security. Turn your home improvement visions into a reality that can also increase the value of your precious asset.