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Home Equity is your secure source for Low Rate Home Equity Loans, Refinance Rates, Home Equity Lines, 2nd Mortgages, Home Improvement Loans, and all your financial needs.

We were founded by a group of 5 heavy hitting lenders from Florida and California in 1999. The mission at Home Equity is simple. "Our Goal is to provide elite home equity loan products for consumers looking for the best possible interest rate for home equity loans and 2nd mortgages." As advertised, we offer Free Loan Quotes online and there are no hidden fees or agendas. We will direct you to the leading home equity broker and mortgage lenders who provide fixed rate 2nd mortgages and variable rate credit lines in your local region.

Home Equity is dedicated to finding our customers the best Home Equity Loan possible. Our network of loan companies is committed to finding you the lowest rates for home equity lines, installment loans, mortgage refinancing and house buying loans.

HEM has a system that will pair you with banks, credit unions, lenders and brokers countrywide.

For no charge you can find out if any of these financial institutions can deliver a loan that meets your needs cost-effectively.

Use our online services to find lenders that offer home equity programs to consolidate high-interest debts, fund home improvement projects, or finance large purchases like a vacation or a child's education.

Our primary goal at Home Equity Mart is to offer the best financing options for homeowners across the country. We understand how important it is to understand interest rates when shopping for a home, and we can make sure that all of your lending needs are covered so that you can focus on finding the perfect home for you and your family.


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